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What's new in the current version of the GOM Software 2017?

Post-Processing Performance

Especially regarding photogrammetry and fine adjustment, the computation time has been significantly reduced in the GOM Inspect software, thus allowing a swift post-processing of the measuring data. Particularly in projects that contain numerous measurements, a much higher performance can be noticed. In two evaluated customer projects containing approx. 1,200 ATOS measurements, for example, the Software saved 80-90 % of time for post-processing. Despite the reduced computation time, the accuracy remains just as high. Furthermore, the performance of the path optimization in the virtual measuring room was increased.

Inspection of Surface Defects

Optical metrology allows a series-accompanying and reproducible evaluation of surface defects. The results are objective and available in a shorter time than with the conventional method of the grind stone. So that the surface defect map matches the form of the part directly, the GOM Inspect software makes an inspection of surface defects even in curved directions possible. Furthermore, the software computes the direction of the surface normals automatically. Only one defect map is required, to inspect large areas that are to be analyzed in the same direction according to the inspection plan.

Airfoil Inspection

In drawings, often different tolerances are given for diverse profile regions. In GOM Inspect, regions with different tolerances on a section or a curve can be created. Points on the section or the curve represent the border between the tolerance regions. Moreover, profile edge ellipses can be generated. The leading edge and trailing edge of an airfoil profile can be inspected, for example, with the determined ellipses.

CT Import

Besides separately scanned objects, you can now import data sets including several objects which were scanned with one CT simultaneously. You can import up to 32 objects as individual meshes at once. In addition, different polygonization modes for the import can be selected. In mode “Reliable surfaces only”, the software checks the area close to the thresholds lying between the material and the background and between the materials. The software imports only data from areas where it can clearly identify the transition from one material to another.

Additional GOM Software 2017 Features:

  • Extensive 3D clipping functionality: Hidden areas of the measuring object can be visualized by using the hexagonal clipping cuboid
  • Support of several monitors: In order to display different information on inspection elements simultaneously, the software allows to arrange windows, such as the diagram or the explorer, on one or several monitors
  • Simplified renaming of elements: In the new software version, it is possible to rename and number multiple elements at once
  • New selection function: Mesh areas lying above a defined plane can be selected automatically
  • Activation of warning limits: When creating an element or modifying its properties, a warning limit can now be enabled, provided that tolerances were defined
  • New ellipse functions: In the GOM Inspect software, you can easily construct auto ellipses and fitting ellipses
  • Facilitated creation of actual elements: The new measuring principle “Compute On Actual”, based on an improved selection method, uses the measuring principles “Referenced Construction” and “Fitting Element”
  • Capturing measuring objects in the VMR: Even if only individual parts of a measuring object are measured, for example parts of a car body, the software is able to create a coherent photogrammetry for the entire assembly
  • ...

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