Where GOM Inspect is used

GOM Inspect for industrial use as inspection software, 3D viewer, communication tool and CAD converter.

BMW has installed GOM Inspect as standard 3D viewer and evaluation software on hundreds of computers in the plants of the BMW Group throughout the world. [more …]
Miele implement a group wide roll-out of the GOM Inspect software for guaranteeing a smooth data exchange between the Miele locations in Germany. [more …]
The specialists from Bosch benefit from GOM Inspect as the software provides an extensive portfolio of information they require for their work. [more …]
Free GOM Inspect software convinced TRW in tests with the evaluation software of other measurement solutions. [more …]
Novo Nordisk
The global healthcare company Novo Nordisk uses GOM Inspect as an advanced viewer program for projects generated in GOM Inspect Professional. [more …]
The company BJB reduced the tool release process from three or four weeks to three or four days due to GOM Inspect Professional. [more …]
Vald. Birn
GOM Inspect is independent of the scanning process. That is all-important for Vald. Birn. The company uses the software for quality control of its foundry production samples. [more …]
Kraus & Naimer
The specialist for industry switches, Kraus & Naimer uses GOM Inspect in development control and production for creating first inspection reports for go-ahead with the production. [more …]