GOM Inspect
Evaluation Software for 3D Measurement Data

What is GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect is a software for analyzing 3D measuring data from fringe projection or laser scanners, coordinate measurement machines (CMM) and other measuring systems. The GOM software is used in product development, quality control and production.

3D Meshes and CAD
Import of CAD data, measurement plans and 3D point clouds, creation and editing of polygon meshes. [more …]
3D Inspection
Alignment of measuring data to nominal data, dimensional analysis (2D, 3D, GD&T, SPC) and creation of measuring reports. [more …]
Free Viewer
GOM Inspect is a free viewer for 3D scan data, measuring reports and CAD data. [more …]

What's new

What's new in the current version of the GOM Software?

Smart Teach
If the CAD or single elements change, the measurement positions are automatically updated with “Smart Teach”. [more …]
Surface Inspection
If a defect is detected by several tools, the found defects can be merged into one representation. [more …]
Virtual Clamping
With a new module, sheet metal and injection-molded parts can be virtually clamped and thus measured without complex clamping devices. [more …]

Where GOM Inspect is used

GOM Inspect for industrial use as inspection software, 3D viewer, communication tool and CAD converter.

GOM Inspect as standard 3D software installed on hundreds of PCs in the plants of the BMW Group worldwide. [more …]
Groupwide roll-out of GOM Inspect for guaranteeing a smooth data exchange. [more …]
The rolling out of GOM Inspect is explained by users' long-standing trust. [more …]
GOM Inspect is established as preferred in-house tool after comparison with paid evaluation software packages. [more …]
Novo Nordisk
The healthcare company uses GOM Inspect as an advanced viewer program. [more …]
Many other companies use GOM Inspect successfully for an optimized quality assurance. [more …]

Download and Upgrade

Free download of GOM Inspect software and demo data. Upgrade to GOM Inspect Professional for multiple evaluations.

Download GOM Inspect
All inspection functions of GOM Inspect are available free of charge and without any restrictions. [more …]
Try GOM Inspect Professional
Convince yourself of the benefits of GOM Inspect Professional with the trial version. [more …]
Download Sample Data
Data sets as learning aid for different applications. [more …]

Who are we

GOM develops and produces precise 3D measurement solutions with a global support and sales network.

GOM's measurement solutions are established in over 14000 installations worldwide. [more …]
Worldwide Support
GOM's global network assists customers in implementing 3D measuring technology. [more …]
Optical Metrology Solutions
GOM's measuring systems are used in product development and quality assurance, material and component testing. [more …]