What's new?

What's new in the current version of the GOM Software 2016?

Import of Volume Data

GOM Inspect can be directly used for visualizing and evaluating scanned volume models. Due to the new import function, volume data generated by computer tomographs can be immediately imported into the software. In the past, this process required an intermediate step with an extra software. Now, users can import and analyze volume data in common formats (.vgi, .vgl, .pcr, .exv, .rek) or as raw data efficiently and at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the software allows the import of various different materials from the scanned object as separate surface meshes.

Surface Defect Map

The surface defect map enhances the surface inspection. The new function detects small defects based on meshes and displays them in the color plot. For example, dents and sink marks become visible. To visualize and quantify local bulges and depressions, the surface defect map directly works on meshes. The software computes a theoretical surface for more realistic results. By comparing the nominal and actual surface inspection, the new feature allows the compensation of the global curvatures.

Virtual Measuring Room VMR

Based on a simulation of measurement data, the GOM Software 2016 computes reference point positions automatically. This helps to place the reference points precisely on the measuring object and it reduces the number of needed reference points. The new automatic generation of photogrammetry measurement positions avoids the manual teaching of photogrammetry positions. In addition, the path planning was improved, for example, to allow the automated measurement of car body interiors. It is now even possible to transfer completed measuring programs from one ATOS ScanBox to another. To view the simulated movement of a robot along a path, the free GOM Inspect software can be used.

Additional GOM Software 2016 Features:

  • New CAD converter: Extended import of Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) for the automatic generation of measurement plans
  • Extended checks: Extraction of values from surface analyses along sections and curves, plausibility checks for measuring principles
  • GD&T inspections on GOM Touch Probe elements and on point-based fitting elements
  • Addition of the bonus tolerance to the tolerance of a GD&T check
  • New referencing concept for car bodies in VMR: Robogrammetry with new reference cubes
  • Customizable 3D toolbar: Easy and fast access to favorite commands
  • Improvements in the explorer: Search box to filter elements, new section for chosen elements in the sub-explorer, handling of stage ranges
  • Two new user interface themes for different work environments
  • ...

For further information see the What's New Videos on YouTube.